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CEO WEEKENDS: MTN hosts second career fair in Ghana


Ghana’s leading telecommunications company MTN has ventured on a program dubbed ‘MTN Career Fair’ which attempts to empower the youth to face the challenges of an ever changing world. The Career Fair is the second to take place after the first, which happened in September 2013.

‘MTN Career Fair’ aims at assisting final year students in tertiary institutions and graduates to bridge the counseling and career guidance gap as well as help them in their search for employment.

Under the program, registered participants will get the chance to meet prospective employers and recruitment agencies for job interviews after and during the fair. Young school leavers and students will also get guidance on how to prepare for job interviews and how to write convincing CVs (Curriculum Vitaes).

Speaking at the second career Fair in Accra, Nod Ganson, the General Manager of Consumer Marketing MTN stated: “MTN was mindful of the various interventions by NGOs, public and private sectors as well as other major organizations to close the gap between the unemployed and employed.

“Therefore MTN’s responsibility was to complement these efforts in a sustainable way while psyching up the youth and exposing them to job creation opportunities.”

According to Ganson, the forum was initiated to help the youth think beyond finding a job and to consider the possibility of becoming one’s own manager by creating one’s own job rather than looking for non-existing jobs.

Ganson congratulated the speakers at the Fair for assisting to unlock and sharpen the special qualities of job seekers, graduates and students as they set out on a future filled with opportunities.

Some of the topics discussed at the Fair include Talent management and the art of job creation, establishing successful businesses through partnerships, what employers look for during job interviews and profiling adherence to best practice when loading on-line.

Others include professional training courses and their benefits as well as coaching and mentoring the youth in job creation.