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Mobicash promises to revolutionise Online Shopping with a new app

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Mobicash is developing a platform it says will enable every smartphone   user to shop, bank and pay online at their convenience. The company pledges to make the life of every smartphone holder easy with its new technology.

According to Mobicash, users need to download the application to access the services, such as nclude online payment and shopping, gifts, pay bills, mobi-save account among others.

“What the user needs is to download the application, open account with mobicash and then start a new world of convenience of doing all businesses and shopping online wherever you are,” said the Executive Director Mobicash Pascal Nyagahene,

Mobicash is merging the banks’ electronic banking platforms with Telecom’s mobile money platform systems which gives it a competitive advantage in terms of providing a convenient electronic payment platform to users.

The MobiCash platform supports additional mobile payment functions such as bill or loan payment, ticketing, bank account integration, fidelity scheme integration, and microfinance.

How it works

You will not need a bank account as every phone serves, as a bank or stored value account identified by its phone number.

MobiCash can be set up so that receiving a transfer automatically enrolls new users. Users can easily load accounts online or with agents, transfer funds to others, make online purchases, pay retailers and withdraw funds using their phone.

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