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Mommy’s Book Launches in Kenya to Help Mother’s Track their Kid’s Health

by Sam Wakoba
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263966B8-0CEB-4502-9F93-9C1C841EF6AEPediatrics is a priority for Africa where 42% of the total population is under 15-years-old, i.e. 400 million children, representing about a quarter of worldwide children population according to reports by the UNICEF.

However, Infant mortality is one of the highest killers on the contient with Africa losing 4 million children per year, which represents more than a half of the world’s infant mortality. And mothers, being custodians of health for the whole family re the most devasted after the dead of their kids.

Now, a new app wants to end this misery of losing babies to immunizable and other preventable diseases in Africa, begining from Nigeria and Kenya.

Mommy Book launched last evening in Nairobi is an app that aims to help mothers easily track their kid’s health on the go, from the safety of their mobile phones.

Launched by Sanofi Paediatric Initiative and Kenya Paediatric Association, Mommy App has details of a child’s age, an immunization calendar and a kid’s health record.

According to Irene Nwaukwa, Sanofi Paediatric Initiative, ”Mommy Book helps mothers’ remember the child’s growth in stages from the first tooth, spoken word among others. It helps mothers take responsibility of the child’s records to help in times of emergency to give first aid or take their kids to hospital.”

The info from the app can help mothers manage their kids better. We are proud of this partnership with the Kenya Patriotic Association.”

The free app allows parents to register their kid’s health details or edit the medical history wherever possible. The app has the national immunization calendar with dates and notifications to remind mothers. There’s also a question and answer section for mothers to learn or ask paediatricians about their kids health in case any unusual symptoms are sighted.

Smartphone use is increasing in Africa and urban mothers are expected to use the app on either their Android or iOS smartphones. Those in villages around Africa will have acess to materials printed for them in their languages and Sanofi works with educational partners and health officers to help mothers download and use the app to monitor their kids health and growth curves for as long as ten years.

Data in the app is accessed only by the mother who has to sign up for an account with a username and a secure password.


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