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Cellcom to Pay Liberian Subscribers for Using Network

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Liberia’s leading GSM firm Cellcom has launched a new promotion dubbed ‘Good morning Liberia’ it hopes will ‘mark a paradigm shift for mobile phone users in Liberia.’ The groundbreaking move is hailed for its potential to provide relief to thousands of Cellcom’s loyal and valued customers.

In a statement released Wednesday, John Vasikaran, Cellcom’s CEO noted that after reviewing the present state of the country, Cellcom had designed a new program that would assist thousands of Liberians stay in touch with their families in spite of their financial condition and will be a form of financial relief during this difficult period in Liberia.

“With all that is happening in Liberia, the first thing people want to do in the morning is to check on their family and loved ones. We do not believe that the absence of money on a mobile phone should hinder this kind of meaningful communication,” explained Vasikaran.

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“We want all of Liberia to wake up in the morning and know that they have a freely available balance to call whoever they choose in order to pray, share news, or simply check with each other.”

According to Avi Zaidenberg, one of Cellcom’s owners and Chairman of the company’s Board, Cellcom had accepted to authorize the program in the interest of Liberians.

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Zaidenberg said: “We have placed the idea of making a profit behind us and are taking this as a moment in history when we must provide everything we have to support Liberia in overcoming this crisis. The new program, mostly benefits populations of Liberia, whom may not have access to the resources of the ability to buy recharge cards to call family members and has no strings attached to it.”

‘Good morning Liberia’ enables Cellcom subscribers obtain 30 U.S cents every day by simply dialing the code *030# between 6am and 9am to call within the Cellcom network. Customers will need to make use of the 30 cents within the given period of 6 to 9am, which will enable them to stay connected with family and friends in spite of available credit balances.

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