Uber Drives Into 200+ Cities | Banned in Germany


UberInstant cab hailing startup, Uber has said it’s now available in over 200 cities and 45 countries across 6 continents and counting, achieving one step closer to its vision of UberEverywhere.

This announcement comes just months when the firm announced its #Uber100 milestone reached just four months ago.

According to the firm’s blog post, “In pursuit of our simple mission — transportation as reliable as running water everywhere and for everyone — we aspire to transform the way people connect with their communities, revolutionizing the way they move, work and live. All around the world.”

Under its UberEverywhere initiative, the firm aims to expand its global network so that people everywhere can enjoy a safe, reliable and seamless Uber ride. It’s major focus now is to reach the forty-five of the world’s 100 most populous cities which still don’t have Uber.

The firm recently launched in Nigeria and is hiring for a Kenyan launch.

However, on September 2, a court in Frankfurt, Germany banned Uber from operating in Germany on grounds that it undercuts undercuts rival taxi companies. The court also said Uber lacks the necessary legal permits to operate in the country.

Though Uber faces a fine of €250,000 every time it goes against the ban, Uber is still defiantly operational. Uber said it will still be operational in Berlin, Frankfurt and three other Germany cities. Uber’s UberBlack, which uses professional chauffeurs is not affected by the ban but the firm says it will appeal the ban it has been slapped with.