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Kenya’s ViroNow Launches to Help You Sell Music & E-Books in Seconds

by Brian Wafula

10648689_1551021928454221_6223262108221778279_oMusicians, writers, designers find it hard to sell their wares. Launching today, aims to be simple platform to help them sell their music and e-Books directly to their Facebook and Twitter fans in real-time.

“You can now sell music directly to your listeners, eBooks directly to readers, and films to film fans and earn your cash directly to your account,”Okii Eli and Duncan Mugo told TechMoran.

The two tell us they founded Vironow to offer iTunes and Kindle-like services for Kenyans and help artists, writers  ,designers ,software developers and musicians earn cash from there works . Vironow takes a cut of 15% per download and also aim to help the artists convert their Facebook fans and Twitter followers into real customers.

“It allows you to sell any product directly using a simple link. Whenever someone clicks on the shared link, will eventually end up buying or engaging with you over that product and thus helping you to convert better on social networks,” says Okii.

Users access of Vironow on and then upload their work then they get a link they can share with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email among others then allow the followers to buy and then download the items.

“We directly deposit your money to your account.You just keep creating and sharing. Use the platform to distribute your work at a little fee.

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