Private Property Goes Android to Increase Market Reach


10649697_10152759485016015_6044704669934559670_nOne Africa Media’s Private Property has launched an Android App to increase its market reach for its South African and international visitors after its iPhone release.

“We can now offer our Android customers the ease of use and mobility that a smartphone app brings to their property search experience,” Grant Elliott, Private Property’s CTO said.

Android is growing everyday and is the number one mobile operating system globally and as more device manufacturers launch on Android, it makes sense for businesses to launch for the platform targeting property agents, home owners and landlords as well as tenants.

Just as its browser-based site, the new Android app will  help customers access properties for sale or for rental or simply browse  the firm’s huge inventory of listings. They can also subscribe to emails and SMS alerts; contact agents, home owners and landlords or just add the properties on their wish list and share with their connections.

Private Property launched the iPad app in mid June 2013. The app has since seen over  20 000 downloads and has over 76 000 active users and among the top used apps on South Africa.