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Ringier’s Kiramu Rebrands to But Doesn’t Make Any Sense at all

by Sam Wakoba
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10653790_683820938372365_3079857734050777168_nRingier is trying to make everything work even if it doesn’t make any sense. Recently it rebranded, an online and mobile web based classifieds platform which connected buyers to sellers to and we think the name is horrible.

Ady looks like a copycat of OLX and even carries OLX’s three letter faith. Unlike Kiramu-both FREE and paid listings to advertisers is free is totally free for all and has a big focus on avoiding scammers to increase user experience and allows users to sell both new and old things offers a free mini webpage for trusted merchants where they can display all of their products. It is free and easy to manage for the merchants.

We’re not sure why Ringier would want to rebrand to and call it an all new thing when it’s a slight twist of its business model from a general classifieds to an eBay-like site allowing both old and new items to be sold and taking up Rocket Internet’s Kaymu’s market, slightly. Stuff that doesn’t really work in Africa. If an African wanted to buy something new, they wouldn’t visit a site that has both old and new items because everything to them will be second hand.


Ringier’ and other unsuspecting platforms say Ady is an all new.

Compared to it’s competitors, Ringier AG Switzerland is not as huge though it has a huge experience in the newspaper and classifieds business.

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