Nigeria’s Frienditeplus Hits 600K+ Users| Wants to be Africa’s Facebook



Nigeria Frienditeplus, want to be Africa’s largest social networking site with over 600,000 registered users in just over one year of launching, making it the fastest growing social networking site in Africa.

Emmanuel Okeke, the founder and CEO of Frienditeplus says the network is believed to be solving the problem of staying connected or reconnecting with long lost friends, families and business partners. The network uses an integrated module which allows sign-up with not just email but with mobile number and also allows users search for friends through mobile numbers.

“Frienditeplus mission is to connect not just Nigerian’s and African’s together but to connect African’s to the world of socializing. Without just restricting you to people you have mutual friends with, we want to expand your social connection and experience,” says Okeke.

Like any other network, the site allows users to link their already existing accounts to each other such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Frienditeplus, so users can post to other networks from Frienditeplus.

“Its simple to say that we are telling the Africa Social story,” Okeke says.