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Here’s how to cut roaming costs while travelling

by Vince Matinde
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Data costs in Kenya can be expensive on a smartphone. But when travelling, roaming costs can kill your budget. Here are four ways that you can keep your phone on and still keep in touch with your loved ones and catch up on emails while travelling abroad for a short trip.

1. Use WiFi

Whether you find yourself in a restaurant or hotel, depending on which country you have gone to, you can opt to use their free WiFi to get information such as email. More developed countries would have free WiFi almost everywhere, even in local flights. Before you travel, make sure you know if you have access to WiFi or not. Even if the WiFi is paid for, it should be cheaper than roaming on data.

2. Use VoIP and OTT apps

Using voice IP to make calls to your loved ones can reduce the costs of roaming. But you will still have to have a gadget that will be able to make such calls. Services like Whatsapp, Skype and Viber can help you cut text messaging costs which can still bear heavily on your credit. This will also depend on the strength of your internet connection or the free WiFi.

3. Save Navigation Maps

Before you embark on your travel, make sure you get to save static maps of where you are going or use offline products. Google Maps becomes a necessity when travelling but also can drain your data especially when roaming. Saved maps on your computer can still be useful.

4. Use Data Compressing Applications

Applications such as Snappli can help you compress your data on your smartphone. The application says that you can compress up to 85 percent of your data.

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