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Nigeria’s BeepTool Wants to be the Whatsapp of Emerging Markets

1560430_485991674843307_168131758_nA new app dubbed BeepTool allows users to video conference, HD calls, text and share files on any devices and aims to be Whatsapp of the emerging markets.

Anytime, anywhere in the world via WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE — without draining minutes from service providers, BeepTool is compatible on iOS, Android, Mac, PC and HTML5 and gives users access to free calls and text messages to anyone.

According to John Enoh founder and CEO of BeepTool, Africa has a communication problem even if two-thirds of sub-Saharan adults have mobile phones.

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He says either the voice and SMS rates are simply too high for many of them to get the most of their devices aaprt from 2go and Whatsapp, but their usefulness ends where the WiFi signal cuts out. WiFi in Africa is still unavailable to millions.

“Our argument is that if people could stay on WiFi 20 percent to 80 percent of there time or have already paid for data on there GSM provider, why should they also pay high rates for voice calls?” asks Enoh. “BeepTool, with its growing user base of more than 10,000, is making a bold bet that it can offer the classic VoIP capabilities — plus extremely affordable rates to call from BeepTool to mobile phones and landlines around the world. The rate to call a mobile phone in the UK from Africa, for example, is less than US$0.01.”

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1924363_580073105435163_6187547066801026433_nEnoh who grew up in rural Nigeria where people still rely on their farming incomes to make ends meet sees BeepTool as the best way for businesses to connect domestically and to others in the diaspora.

But just two months after launch, BeepTool aims to sign up 400,000 users in three years so that it may break even. Enoch says the service is free as its foremost goal is to make communication affordable and accessible to low earners who are the bulk of African population.

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John Enoh photo
John Eno

“Connect & route calls free to any mobile or Landline in Africa via BeepTool. Beeptool let you calls and text with anyone, anywhere for free. Currently, phone carriers charge lots of money to make calls and send texts. It doesn’t have to be this way. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people use Beeptool to save money on their cellphone bill. Make free phone calls to any countries of this world,” concludes Enoh.

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Sam Wakoba
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