Egypt’s Etisalat teams with Teradata for Analytics and Marketing

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Etisalat Misr has witnessed a growth in marketing campaigns since they employed Teradata for analytics and marketing to grow their customer base using its cloud data offering.

Telecommunication companies churn huge amount of data from their subscribers that when made sense of they can indicate trends and patterns that can help the company offer better products.

“Standing apart in the telecommunications sector is a challenge. We knew that the key to our long-term success was to become the industry marketing technology leader,” said Islam Azab, Campaign Management Solutions Manager, Etisalat Misr.

“So when we needed an integrated marketing platform to manage our own B2C campaigns and our portfolio of B2B customers who are taking advantage of the growing mobile advertising market, we chose the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.”

“Prior to implementing the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, Etisalat Misr’s marketing campaigns contributed to 1.5% of corporate revenue.  One year after implementation this figure had increased to 3.5%, and two years later to 7%. Over the three years since implementation, we more than doubled our customer base from 15 to 35 million. Our retention rate also increased over the same period, with churn at just 8% compared to 12% previously.”

The new data analysis has helped Etisalat Misr to focus on segment marketing making campaigns easier and faster to launch apart from the general marketing plan that takes a lot of money.