Expaticore Services Announce Discount Services for those Fighting Ebola in West Africa



Expaticore Services LLC has announced that it will be offering its Global Payroll and Mobility services to organizations that are on the forefront to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

“With multiple countries being affected by the virus, Expaticore, along with its West African network partner, Aikan HR, are coming together to do what it can to help support the critical work being done. Specifically, Expaticore and Aikan HR are offering reduced rates to the organizations fighting the Ebola Outbreak,” the company declared.

Some of the services that will be in effect immediately include: Local National Payroll, Expatriate Payroll, Global Funds Management Solutions

“We are not doctors, we are not nurses, and therefore we cannot help in that sense,” says David Leboff, President of Expaticore.

“But, what we can do is offer services that reduce distraction from the critical primary objectives that include treating the affected population and eliminating the spread of this deadly virus and to help channel some cost that would otherwise be spent on administration back into primary care and prevention.”