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Samsung Donates $1,000,000 Worth Smartphones to Combat Ebola

by Sam Wakoba
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Samsung Electronics has donated 3,000 GALAXY S3 Neo smartphones worth about $1 million through the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA) to help combat Ebola in West Africa.

The smartphones will be used in the Humanitarian Connectivity Project, the UN’s IT project that utilizes mobile devices to provide humanitarian support in disaster areas and will be used in 60 Ebola medical clinics in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.
The smartphones will be installed with the UN’s Smart Health Pro mobile app to help medical staff treat patients and collect medical data and as well give them to quarantined patients to be in touch with their families. This smartphones will be destroyed after treatment of each patient.

This is not the first time Samsung is giving towards Ebola eradication, the firm gave financial support to Ebola eradication initiatives in Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

According to the BBC, the WHO emergency team held talks to examine screening measures at borders and consider whether stricter travel regulations should be put in place. According to the report, the new rules in the US require travellers from the worst affected countries to arrive at one of five airports. The current outbreak of the virus has already killed more than 4,500 people – mostly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The WHO has faced criticism it reacted too slowly to the spread of the disease.

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