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Twitpic Dies For Real | Burried With Over 800 Million Images

by Sam Wakoba
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Yes, Twitpic is dead and will be offline tomorrow and will  go with over 800 million images with after it failed to get a buyer or setle it’s issues with Twitter.

Noah Everret, Twitpic’s CEO earlier announced the firm was going down but later said the firm had got a suitor. However, things didn’t work out as expected and the suitor didn’t come through as promised so the firm has to shut down, now.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce again that Twitpic will be shutting down on October 25th. We worked through a handful of potential acquirers and exhausted all potential options. We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic (hence our previous tweet), but agreeable terms could not be met. Normally we wouldn’t announce something like that prematurely but we were hoping to let our users know as soon as possible that Twitpic was living on. “I’m sincerely sorry (and embarrassed) for the circumstances leading up to this, from our initial shutdown announcement to an acquisition false alarm,” Everet wrote.

Users can now export their data and photos at:

Earlier TechMoran had announced that the photo sharing site launched in 2008 had been forced to shut after Twitter contacted them to either abandon its trademark application or risk losing access to their API.

Everett said: “We originally filed for our trademark in 2009 and our first use in commerce dates back to February 2008 when we launched. We encountered several hurdles and difficulties in getting our trademark approved even though our first use in commerce predated other applications, but we worked through each challenge and in fact had just recently finished the last one. During the “published for opposition” phase of the trademark is when Twitter reached out to our counsel and implied we could be denied access to their API if we did not give up our mark.”

Twitpic says it does not have the resources to battle Twitter and have therefore decided to shut down Twitpic.

Twitpic had to shut down because it was only needed before Twitter had it’s own native photo sharing features for its web and mobile apps. Twitpic will official go down September 25.

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