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Konza Technopolis Development Authority Wants You to be its CEO

by Sam Wakoba
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Konza Technology City contracts Tetra Tech Inc as Master Delivery Partner 2

Konza Technology City contracts Tetra Tech Inc as Master Delivery Partner 2

The Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KOTDA), the body in charge of the Konza Techno City, located 60 kilometers from Nairobi wants you to be its CEO.

Konza aims to be a global technology hub, focused education, life sciences, telecoms and ITO/BPO to advance technology spending and technology growth in Kenya.

As the CEO of KOTDA, you will be in charge of overseing the development of Konza, drive infrastructural projects, cordindate with the board the planning and permitting, expenditure,  business development and services management among others.

The firm says the CEO will “Grow and transform KoTDA over time in response to industry trends using the available internal and external resources, and sourcing alternative ones. Manage, supervise, and adhere to KoTDA’s operating and capital budget, human resources, and other assets. Assess the principal risks of KoTDA and ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed” among others.

Dr Catherine Nyaki Adeya has been the Ag. Chief Executive Officer at Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KOTDA) and is looking at working with firms such as Kenya Power and the Kenya Urban Roads Authority and several other contractors for basic infrastructure such as boreholes, power supply, road construction and fibre optic cables among others.

There was also a plan for a phone application and a digital map to help investors identify areas for development. Under her leadership, Konza also developed a master plan with the help of the International Finance Corporation, the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology and a consortium of other firms. Though the project has faced numerous hiccups, Adeya can still apply to retain her job as full CEO.

In May, Konza conducted the Cadastral Survey, a regulatory milestone instrumental in the beaconing and parceling of the area under Phase 1 of the city which covers 400 acres and nine hundred boundary beacons were monumented on the area and boundaries for individual parcels were demarcated.

The completion of the Cadastral Survey paved way for construction of power lines, laying of water and sewerage lines, laying of the fibre optic cables among others which Kenya Power began in July this year.

KoTDA also signed a US$25m contract with Tetra Tech Inc, who are in charge of the development of Phase 1 to world class smart city building standards. Tetra Tech Inc. of Denver, Colorado (USA) which comprise of architects, engineers, land lease experts, financial experts among others will oversee the development of KoTDA to a world class city. Its from this phase that a CEO is needed and the firm has advertised the position till the end if this month.

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