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Dr. Kanyari’s Drama Aside, This is The Surest Way to Financial Independence

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carnival-of-financial-independenceI have been racking my brain on what to share with you this week.-This content generation business is not easy- Then I bumped into this note one of my old high school friend wrote and I thought it would be very unfair for me to keep it to my own.

It’s about a new approach to growing your finances. No kanyari business here, just a critical approach to the financial independence world.
After a hard bargain he finally agreed to let me share it. Make sure you enjoy and learn, this is partly ‘the work of my hands’ (pun intended).
As I went through schooling they taught me that living things are divided into two: Plants and animals. That life in its entirety revolves around these two. Lately I have been thinking, there must have been an omission in this definition of living things because if it is only living things that have the ability to grow, then a whole lot of things are living things because they grow.
Look for instance at love. Love is known to grow when well tended and to die when neglected. Family too is known to grow when well taken care of and to die when not. Companies are born and if well taken care of, will grow and ‘die’ if not well managed. There are a lot of others that do not seem to have been covered in the official definition of living things, but that is not where I am going with this.
I am just thinking loudly about how many people end up so broke and weak. I look at finances from the point of view where finances are alive, in the sense that they can grow and even die. If you look at finances away from notes and coins you will see that there is a life to finances that most of us if not all of us rarely look at. The fact that your financial life is subject to the laws of growth and death just as your own life is, might scare you a little but I think it is a necessary view to hold.

Every time you want to spend your money, ask yourself this question first,” is this expenditure going to add to the life of my finances or is it going to contribute to the death of my finances?” I mean, if your financial life were to talk to you, would it advise you to spend your money where you intend to spend it? Would it think, that you putting your money where you are putting it is contributing in any way to the growth of your finances or would it stand at the roof top and scream for you to stop?
Everybody, earns money one way or the other however much or little. The problem with most of us is that we do not know how or where to spend the money that we work so hard to earn and more often than not, we end up killing our finances. Investing is not the easiest concept to master in the world, but if you can get to a point where you look at every expenditure you want to incur in terms of “is it going to grow my finances or is it going to kill my finances?”, put otherwise, and in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “is it going to bring more money to my pockets or is going to take away money from my pocket?” then you can already start calling yourself financially literate.
I too need expert advice on finances from time to time, but one thing I do know for sure, isthat Finances are alive and will either grow or die, depending on where you are putting your money!

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Thank you James!

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