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Zimbabwe’s Link App Wants to Link You Up to Services & Retailers Near You

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Founded by Shemaiah Chipunga and Tianshe Musonza this year, Link App is a web and mobile application to connects users to their friends or goods of their choice. Apart from linking up friends to interact via chat, the app also allows businesses to advertise their services via the same media in response to customer inquiries.

Link App works simply. A person in need of goods or services will go to the app and search for it, the app will then give you a list of people registered to provide whatever you will need. Clicking on the result will send you to a chat window with the selected person. Linking people to solutions they need.

The app is still in beta testing has put up an invite-only signup page for users as the team looks to raise funding on investor network VC4Africa before a public launch.

“We are in soft beta, a download link is available on request. We are just refining the UI and working out a few bus and we will be ready for full launch soon,” writes Chipunga.

Link App works similar like Zimbile, Mocality among others and are found in Zimabawe and Kenya respectively . The team expect to make their revenues through advertisements . With the increase of mobile phones use in Africa, Link App has a huge market to cover if it launches.

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