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South African PayGate & ReD Partner To Fight Against Online Fraud

by Caroline Vutagwa
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PayGate, E-commerce payment services provider and ReD, a global fraud prevention company have come together to ensure that South African online merchants are protected against online fraud.

Brendon Williamson, PayGate’s head of Business development said: ‘As e-commerce in South Africa has matured, more and more local merchants are doing business outside our borders.This means we need to expand the protection we offer merchants as well. Our fraud screening needs to cover the whole world, not just South Africa.”

Williamson says PayGate’s expanded fraud protection will be available both to enterprise customers and to smaller merchants that use its PayProtector service.

“ReD’s fraud protection capability combines a global database of fraud information, rule sets and a neural network that has the ability to learn from experience about fraud patterns and behaviours and apply those learnings to improve fraud detection,” says ReD Vice Pesident Sales Africa Lee-Anne Porter.

“This level of protection would normally be beyond the time and cash budgets of smaller businesses, but by integrating ReD Shield into PayProtector we’re putting all that expertise at our client’s fingertips. Even the smallest online seller can now run global security checks with just one click.”

Enterprise clients will be able to tailor-make their own risk management. “The profile of online fraud is sometimes very specific to particular industries,” says Williamson. “Airlines are most vulnerable to one kind of fraud, retailers to another. ReD offers our clients the ability to define rules and checks that fit their own business, either directly through our portal or in consultation with our risk specialists.”

Porter says the company is delighted to partner with PayGate and help their many merchants in South Africa secure the benefits of its fraud protection capabilities. “ReD Shield’s flexibility, coupled with our industry experience and ACI’s decades of payments expertise, global resources and strong local presence positions us well to support the growth ambitions of both PayGate and its customers.”

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