Rocket Internet’s Carmudi Launches in Zambia


carmudiblackRocket Internet-backed Carmudi went live in December in Zambia in  move to help people in Zambia get the best selection of cars from dealers throughout the country online and on their smartphones.

Carmudi Zambia aims to connect car buyers to both new and used car dealers and the firm says its working toattract a large amount of independent car dealers and individual car sellers to its site. Carmudi also promises to verify all the dealers and sellers to make the site secure and trustworthy.

The firm has also listed dealers and sellers on the site to help buyers get support and incentives such as warranty, price negotiation and installment plans.

Claiming to have over 100,000 cars listed on its platform, Carmudi is live in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Congo and several other markets around the world.