Obsidian Acquires 25 Percent Stake In GuruHut


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Obsidian Systems, a OS software specialist, has bought a 25 percent stake in GuruHut, an established software development house that applies agile methodology to roll out game-changing enterprise solutions.

The two established market leaders have formed a strong alliance. In October this year the partnership announced it would provide technical services on Atlassian tools and assist the domestic middleware market to extract maximum benefit from this infrastructure.

This has paved the way for an integrated solution for the local Red Hat® JBoss® middleware market, as well as much needed additional skill sets.

This alliance has now been elevated with the news that Obsidian has purchased a quarter stake in GuruHut for an undisclosed amount.

Although both Companies already share information, expertise and knowledge, management from each business have emphasized that there will be minimal change to operations as a result of this financial investment.

They also underline the synergy between the Companies and that the vision of each business is the same – to help develop the local OS software market and encourage further adoption of technology.

The industry allies will use this event to present on product, offer details on application and user experience and engage directly with the Open Source software market, potential investors and users.

“We are a natural fit and we believe the investment announcement will only serve to strengthen the bond we have, which bodes well for the market going forward,” said Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems.