Airtel Tanzania unveils Near Field Communication (NFC) payment service


airtelAirtel Money customers will now be able to settle their bills their cards after the company rolled out Near Filed Communication (NFC) payment service.

The move is in an effort to keep up with emerging global trends that involves coming up with innovative services to suit growing customer demands, the company’s Airtel Money Director Mr. Aijaz Khan said:“technology is dynamic. Our newly introduced service will facilitate sellers and buyers with easy, reliable and secured ways of transacting and making day to day payments.”

Customers who wish to use the card will get a free NFC enabled card that enables easy, fast and secure payments at selected merchants with NFC reader PoS device.

Mr Khan said the services were rolled out with merchants & customers in Arusha.

On her part, Ms Jane Matinde, Airtel Public Relations Officer,said that the service has numerous benefits to both merchants and customers, including safe and secure payment collection of cash.

Airtel recently launched Timiza for Airtel customers with instant unsecured loans, repaid within a week or a month.