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Twitter Adds Bing Translation Tool to web and mobile apps

by Susan Mwenesi
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Twitter users on the web and on mobile apps will from now be able to translate tweets into different languages after the social media power hose launched the Bing translator on its site and on mobile apps for iOS and Android, and TweetDeck.

A user only needs to activate the tool on their account setting and a globe icon will appear next to tweets in different languages and they can translate the tweet in their language by clicking on the globe.

In a blog post, Tweeter support page said: With tweet translation you wont miss any of the action unfolding on Tweeter. You can choose when you want to see the tranlation for tweet and also adjust your settings so that the option to view Tweet translations is disabled.”

There have been concerns that the translations re not of quality to which they replied that they rely on advanced translation software that often falls below the par as far as accuracy and fluency are concerned as compared to a professional translator.

For this reason, the original text is always displayed above its translation,” read the blog.

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