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Pirate Bay resurrects to give everyone faster torrents

by Sam Wakoba
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the_pirate_bay_logo-780x468One popular torrent site The Pirate Bay is back online weeks after the Swedish police shut it down. The site is promising a lighter version of its new baby with few forums and admins unlike its former self.

The now public site at is already allowing users to upload and download torrents such as TV shows, movies, music, games, software applications, porn in audio and video formarts.  The slimmed down Pirate Bay has however attracted opposition from former members who acted as moderators and admins in the old Pirate Bay.


No information is public yet on who is behind the new Pirate Bay but sources close to the site say the trimmed site will make the site lean and easy to operate even though a cross-section of others decry the move saying few staff will not be manage all the spam that users upload online; and others just feel left out of their own operation.

As we wait to see a war between the new Pirate Bay and the former Pirate Bay crew who say theu have all the files and are cleaning out bugs to aslo relaunch; we expect authorities to take up this as first and we are not sure how long the new Pirate Bay will survive as sites such as IsoHunt among others were taken down by authorities even though they keep coming back.


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