South Africa’s FillApp wants to give motorists hassle-free fuel prices on the go


fillappSouth Africa’s FillApp wants to simplify lives of motorists by offering them simple, hassle-free fuel prices on the go so as they don’t end up stressing over fuel anymore.

The new TouchFoundry-built app monitors the fule price with clever predictions, gives users notification alerts and as well allows them to share the updates with friends and their contacts. The app allows users to view the current price of all fuel types, view predictions on the upcoming price of fuel, receive notifications when the price of fuel is set to change and when it’s best to fill up and monitor LRP, diesel and regular petrol prices for both inland and coastal regions.

Available on both Google Play for Android and Apple iTunes for iOS, FillApp sents users a reminder each month on how the fuel price might change and how they can save and when is the right time to fill up their tanks or if they need to wait.

According to Fabio Longano and Lance Jenkinm, FillApp’s  co-creators, the app uses public info on agency and government websites to predict prices changes.

“Apps have become an integral part of our lives, but many of them don’t take the consumer into account. FillApp has been designed to fit seamlessly into your day-to-day, empowering locals to save money. Every-day-people aren’t able to access this data efficiently and conveniently when they need to. So we did the time, crunched the code and came out with an elegant product that will hopefully add a touch of convenience to everyone’s lives”
Available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

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