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CEO Weekends: Hellofood Just Bought Everyone Out of Business in Asia

by Sam Wakoba
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hellofood-appRocket Internet’s online food delivery firm foodpanda or call it Hellofood has acquired 100% of key competitors in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan,, Hong Kong, and Thailand making it active in 39 countries on five continents.
People’s greatest worry is what happens if the firm doesn’t deliver at all as some of the acquire-hires will natural walk away or be fired in a few months time.

In November 2014, Foodpanda/ Hellofood acquired TastyKhana, later JUST EAT making present in over 200 Indian cities and partners with over 12,000 restaurants in the 1.3 billion inhabitant country.

Away from India, foodpanda acquired 100% of Food Runner, which was present in Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore and had a franchise relationship in Indonesia. These acquisitions bolstered, and positioning foodpanda the market leader in four key South East Asian markets with over 1,200 partner restaurants.

Foodpanda didn’t stop there.

It has acquired EatOye in Pakistan with its 1,000+ partner restaurants in 15 cities. Adding to its the Pakistan market is more less taken over. foodpanda Hong Kong has eaten up which runs  Dial-a-Dinner, SOHO Delivery, and Ring-a-Dinner.

In Thailand, foodpanda partners up with Food By Phone, which despite of its “phone”-like brand name has been fast growing in its online marketplace for food deliveries. Food By Phone has been a pioneer in the Thai food delivery service, working with the best restaurants in Bangkok since 1998. Its partner restaurants will also be available through website and mobile application. Customers can choose from over 650 restaurants in three of Thailand’s biggest cities.

Weeks after a series of acquisition in Europe, the foodpanda group now also gained a leading position in South East Asia, next to its other core markets in India, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

Steadily, foodpanda group is growing to be the global online food delivery marketplace, active in 39 countries on five continents. In Africa, the firm is active in Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Algeria.

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