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Consumer confusion abounds in Kenya’s digital migration as K24 and KBC switch back to analogue signal

by Susan Mwenesi
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In a confusing turn of events and without any warning, two broadcasters K24 and the state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and have switched back to analogue mode of transmission barely two months after hey officially migrated in accordance to the December 31 2014 deadline.

Citing then low uptake of set top boxes by viewers, th two stations went back to analogue transmission yesterday throwing further into confusion a process already bedeviled by lawsuits, accusations and counter accusations from all the key players in the broadcasting sector.

While the media wars rage on, the consumer remains confused as t the official date of migration, those that had been set to be included in the next phase which was to start this month are thrown off completely. There is the third group who have set top boxes from GOTV and StartTimes channel who do not know whether they will access free-to-air channels once the set top boxes from the alliance by key media houses KTN, NTV, Citizen and QTV come into the country or they will be forced to own to set top boxes. While a section of these that were yet to migrate are happy about the new developments, they risk being left put as they get too comfortable with all channels being on analogue transmission.

In a recent statement the Media Council of Kenya shared this concern saying that the wars between broadcasters risked alienating consumers from adopting the new technology for their homes.

We note that the extreme positions taken by players in the industry have caused extreme confusion in the country thus might hinder the adoption of the technology which will be costly,” read part of the statement.

The council advise the players to find an amicable way of sorting out the issues for th sake of the consumers.

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