Kaymu recruits more sellers in Nigeria


ecommerceEvery business has to either grow or shrink or eventually shut down. Though the AIH-backed marketplace is online, the firm has been steadily signing up offline sellers in Abuja, Port Harcout and Ibadan and helping them with an easy to set up online presence.

Today the firm says it has expanded to two other states to fulfil its vision to bridge the gap between buyers and small and medium scale enterprises across Nigeria.

Kaymu.com.ng has today expanded to Warri and Benin in what the Managing Director Evangeline Wiles says will improve its efficiency and satisfy more customers.

Though Kaymu is slightly different in its B2C model it still competes with C2C marketplaces such as Nasper’ backed OLX, Ringier’s Ady.ng (formerly Kiramu), TradeStable among others as still sellers turn to them to sell their stock.

The only weapon Kaymu can have is by recruiting more businesses and helping those business sell off their inventory quick and easily-using efficiency and satisfaction as weapons over the free and open C2C marketplaces.