Addis Ideas raising funds to be Africa’s ideas marketplace


ideasWith a crowdfunding target of $26000 Mitu Yilma wants to build Addis Ideas, a mobile application that crowd sources African development ideas from African nationals and the African diaspora and we can help him do it by donating to his initiative NOW.

Yilma and his business partner Tia are building the app after they “grew tired of seeing the same cycle of inefficacy repeat itself in our homeland of Ethiopia. A few months ago, we reached a point where we were done talking about stalled development, red tape, and the lack of African voices in African development.”

They want Addis Ideas to be a revolutionary home for new and necessary African ideas to empower African mobile phone users who are estimated to be 635 million, become problem solvers in their areas by just going through ideas and putting them into practice.

Addis Ideas also aims to empower organisations who each year waste billions of dollars on failed development projects most of them foreign investments sourced from donations rom kind people allover the world. With just $850 raised (at the moment of publishing), Yilma believes Africa is able to solve Africa’s problems because they have sufficient knowledge of local conditions and have development at their heart.

The platform works simply.

Users submit ideas to solve issues in their local area such as building a school or dispensary. Give a detailed description of the problem and the solution and then the ideas are published to a live feed against other popular ideas in that area. Users than start sharing ideas or collaborate with each other upon request to allow idea publishers work with interested persons/ institutions to impliment it.

1908124_425931907564334_3207000262375921317_nAccording to the two, NGOs, government agencies and the private sector can also use the platform as verified sponsors to search ideas and fund them either with money or mentorship to ensure they come to life. The app is yet to be launched on Google Play but the team says when it goes live, they will start with Ethiopia then make it available throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

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