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Promolante wants to help you get more out of your data bundles

by Sam Wakoba
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BannerPlayIn a move expected to help users save on their airtime, Promolante has launched in Ghana to help Ghanaian phone users get the best and most out of their network provider by making it easy for users to easily discover, subscribe and unsubscribe from promos and services, activate and deactivate data bundles and find relevant shortcodes.

Abdul-Rahim Sulemana, CEO of Promolante said in a statement, “After we launched the web app,, we had many users asking for a mobile app. Now these users have all the convenience of the Promolante product on their smartphones. No more missing out on promos or calling of friends for shortcodes.”

The Promolante app placed third at the recently held Samsung Developer Challenge in Accra where judges believed the app will greatly benefit Ghanaian phone users.

Some of the features of the app include an instant subscribe. Users of the app can easily activate or deactivate a promo or data bundle. This takes away the burden of having to keep many shortcodes in memory in other to use telco offers. The offline access feature also saves all the offers that is being checked out so when the user is offline, all those offers would still be relevant.

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