Samsung launches Smart School in Senegal


Samsung accused of child labor Senegal is the latest country in Africa after Mali, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, DR Congo and Sudan to get a mobile smart school targeted at creating positive change and providing an advanced and interactive classroom experience for learners.

The smart school is an initiative of The Senegal Ministry of Education and Samsung Electronics and has been installed at the Plan Jaxaay Secondary School.

Basically, it is an integrated platform that includes a monitoring and controlling feature – which allows teachers to keep track of educational content on their learners’ screens – a screen-sharing feature and a real-time question-and-answer feature.

“The future of education is about accessing information and collaborating locally and globally. Teaching and learning has become social; this has become possible with the emergence of initiatives such as the Samsung Smart School,” says Samba Guisse, IT Advisor, Human Resources Department  at the Ministry of National Education in Senegal.

Launched in the country in partnership with Millennium Connect Africa, Samsung’s Smart Schools are part of the company’s far-reaching African citizenship programme, designed to positively impact the lives of Africans.