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Msajili.com wants to end the hassle recruiters & hiring managers encounter


Msajili.com, a new Kenyan startup aims to help end the hassle faced by hiring managers and recruiters everytime they go through piles of applicants incase of any job opening.

The online applicant tracking software for SMEs expects to help them avoid wasting time going through hundreds of emails and downloading candidates CV’s and keeping track of these applicants throught the stages of recruiting. The process, according to Otieno Kevin, the developer of Msajili.com is cumbersome and time consuming. Msajili is Swahili for Recruiter or Registrar.

Msajili enables companies to easily track candidates and organize the application tracking process for more efficiency and less errors. Msajili is offered as a software as a service(saas), this drastically reduces the expenses on the employer since they only pay for it when they need it. Since its hosted on the cloud there are no installation/upgrade charges and the employer doesn’t need to invest in hardware or I.T personel to maintain the system,” says Otieno.

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The cloud hosted platform aims to allow users to focus on their core business functions and not running IT or tracking through files to do the hiring. It allows users to discuss, share and evaluate candidates, schedule interviews and as well delegate tasks to the hiring team.It also also allows users to organize and share their views of each candidate and communicate the assessments with the entire team. It allows managers to use a template of pre-screening questions depending on the required job requirements. Managers can also add pre-screening questions along with weighted scoring systems to rank the job candidates and pre-select the best from the applicants pool.The software also allows users to shortlist, schedule interview,provide feedback and track the hiring progress easily. Otieno adds that the system is very affordable and users can pay a free per job on-demand or pay per month  and as well allows them to switch packages if they wish so.

Msajili’s reporting feature available allows the recruiter to quickly generate a summary of the recruitment process. Pre-screening filters automatically rate candidates thus saving the recruiter’s time compared to manual screening.

Msajili is targeted at recruiters and hiring managers,” Otieno says. “The solution provided by msajili ensures that recruiters focus on what is really important for the company: finding great talent. They will spend less time downloading emails/cvs and organizing candidates, this will exponentially increase their productivity.”
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