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WooThemes ex-CEO Adii Pienaar Invests into Obox | Joins Obox board as advisor

by Sam Wakoba
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adii-joins-obox-1000x527Just days after Obox acquired Calyx, the firm has announced that Adii Pienaar, ex-CEO and Co-founder of Woothemes  and WooCormmerce has joined it as an investor and advisor.

Like WooThemes and WooCommerce, Obox is a team of theme producers specialising in Premium WordPress Themes for blogs, ecommerce sites, portfolio sites and more.

The firm yesterday announced, “We are incredibly proud to announce that Adii has now joined Obox as an investor and advisor. Not only does he bring a wealth of WordPress product and business experience but he has a keen eye for a good deal as well which is proving invaluable with the distribution of Layers.”

Launched in 2009 in South Africa by brothers David and Marc Perel, Obox creates WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous themecreate them for Business, WooCommerce and blogs. Obox and WooThemes have always had a good relationship and Adii has been an advisor to the Obox for sometime and helped the firm fine tune ots terms and conditions, pricing and much more.

According to David in a blog post, “After Obox Themes was launched we stayed in contact and over a period of about 4 years there were no less than 4 different discussions around us joining forces. But each time it was how Obox would join WooThemes. Never the other way around. Nevertheless, we tried and tried but could never make it happen. Both companies are led by incredibly competitive individuals, so you could imagine how hard it was to agree on terms.”

So the merge never happened and Adii resigned from his role at WooThemes in 2013 and went on a sabbatical. We are not sure how much Adii put into Obox and what his role will entail but as an investor and advisor to the new Layers project we believe his role will help the brothers scale as well up their already great designs to international taste and as well take on the international market with energy.


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