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CEO Weekends: Airtel Ghana Partners With Sahel Sahara Bank To Make Business Better

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Airtel Ghana and Sahel Sahara bank are looking to make the business situation between them better; this is why the two have signed an agreement that will combine Airtel’s telecommunication capabilities and the agility of Sahel Sahara bank.

The partnership signed by the companies’ chief executives, is a consolidation of a mutually beneficial cooperation that combines the superior mobile telecommunications capabilities of Airtel Ghana and the agility and resourcefulness of Sahel Sahara Bank that will offer pioneering services to its employees and stakeholders.

The bank will bring its experience in the development of financial instruments, which play an increasingly important role to support competitiveness and innovation in business. The two companies will also collaborate on Corporate Social Responsibility engagement initiatives aimed at overcoming contemporary socio-economic challenges in Ghana.

Sahel Sahara’s Managing Director, Adama Diop said, “We view this collaboration with Airtel Ghana, therefore, as a natural impetus towards creating a synergy for the achievement of our respective and joint strategic objectives. It is also our aim and expectation that this collaboration will not stop here in Ghana but will be replicated in other countries where we are both represented.

Beyond this, we expect the benefits of this collaboration to transcend our respective institutions. We expect that this collaboration will impact positively on the operations of our cherished customers and ultimately on the Ghanaian economy as a whole. This is in line with our corporate strategic values and vision”.

Lucy Quist, Managing Director of Airtel Ghana said, “The business solutions that this partnership will bring will expand the potential of our venders, employees and customers and thereby grow our clientele base. Our stakeholders would greatly benefit from Airtel’s extensive 3.75G network, the largest in Ghana as well as best – in – class services to deliver seamless connectivity at competitive prices.

Our customers who travel and transact business across our borders will also benefit from our One Africa Network, a borderless mobile service that offers customers competitive rates while roaming in 16 African countries. Most importantly, this partnership will provide our customers with convenience, easier access and speed to all the relevant and innovative financial, banking and Airtel mobile money solutions across Ghana and beyond.”

“The agreement signed today will accelerate the writing of an exciting new chapter in the story of both companies. Airtel and Sahel – Sahara Bank will work together, leveraging on the leadership position of Airtel in the CSR space to help transform and drive sustainable initiatives to enhance the corporate brand of each Party,” she added.

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