Ugandans can now reach President Museveni through Reach the president app


Ugandans can now send their input regarding development matters such as infrastructure, corruption, insecurity and so on directly through a new mobile application, Reach the President.

Developed by Ugandan students from the John Kale Foundation, Reach the president will ultimately make it easier to talk to the president apart from giving unfiltered thoughts from his subjects on their day to day problems.

The platform has been developed by both Ugandan students studying abroad majoring in Information Communication Technology (ICT) under the John Kale Foundation.

When briefing the pree in Kampala Mawanda Romeo who is a founder said the app will help his countrymen  participate in their country’s development not to mention get a sense of ownership.

“We are quite sure that once Ugandans welcome this idea, it will prompt the president to assign a specific department to attend to the issues raised most by Ugandans,” said Mawanda.


He said after being put to task as to why the initiative has come at this material time when general elections are underway, he clarified that the mobile application is not for political campaigns.