Omidyar Gives $450,000 to Kenya’s Tax Justice Network to promote equitable tax systems across Africa


unnamed(2)Omidyar Network today has given a $450,000 grant to Kenya’s Tax Justice Network-Africa (TJN-A) to support the nonprofit’s work to promote equitable tax systems across Africa.

The Nairobi-based initiative was founded in 2007 to promote socially just, democratic, and progressive taxation systems on the continent. It also promotes public awareness of tax issues in 16 African countries.

This is not Omidyar Network first such iniative. Last year it gave Nigeria’s Budgit a two-year $450,000 grant to expand the amount of budget and procurement information available to the public, stimulate its use in participatory governance, and promote media awareness of open-source tools available to aid in the reporting about public budgets, procurement, and spending.

In a statement, Omidyar Network Director, Investments Ory Okolloh said, “Tax Justice Network Africa has established itself as the preeminent African organization working on tax justice on the continent,” said . “Their research and policy work provides invaluable insights for both governments and citizens wrestling with how to create and sustain equitable tax systems, and their established, local voice draws respect from stakeholders not only in Africa, but globally. We at Omidyar Network are proud to support their work.”

Omidyar Network’s grant comes through the philanthropic investment firm’s Governance & Citizen Engagement initiative, which works to build stronger and more open societies by increasing government responsiveness and citizen participation. In service of those goals, support of TJN-A will foster improved transparency and governance of budgets and extractive revenues and other resources used for public services.