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CEO Weekends: Nigeria’s Feedbackplus Is Looking To Ensure That Customers Are Satisfied

Feedbackplus CEO Niyi Falodunand
Feedbackplus CEO; Niyi Falodunand

Feedbackplus is a brain child of Consumers Delight Business Service Ltd.  that launched at the dusk of 2014 . The Start-Up is looking at helping consumers get access to any product or service provide, or report and resolve issues that are part of their day-to-day life.

With feedbackplus customers can record, call or type their issues to the company and get response in 30 seconds. The company will also monitor the status all the way from submission to resolution and receive an alert once the issue is resolved.

Feedbackplus was founded by Niyi Falodunand, who had his first degree in computer science and a Masters in Business Administration. He worked for 12 years before he realized that he needed to do something of his own.

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“I worked for 12 years and quit my last job when it became clear that I needed to do what I am doing now. I have 5 other great team members, handling programming, planning, branding and business development,” he says.

According to the founder, Feedbackplus is run by a team of five people, “I must say here that, you need people. No matter how lofty your idea is, no one will ever succeed and reach the point of fulfillment all alone. These people have all contributed into bringing us to this point,” said Falodunand.

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In an interview with techmoran this is what Niyi Falodunand said:

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  • What was the inspiration behind Feedbackplus?

On a daily basis, we have a Jane, or a Patrick, who spends as much as 8 (or even more) minutes on phone, before s/he gets to connect with a live agent in some organizations. This is cheer waste of time, whether the lines are toll-free or not. Worse still, several organizations do not even have any functioning phone line(s) dedicated to customers issues, so customers must of necessity visit such organizations for every single problem whether or not such requires customers presence; and when they get there, join a queue, alongside other customers, most of which could easily have reported and gotten their issues resolved without being physically present. I once wasted hours and also lost money trying to get issues fixed by an organization, which led me to stop my customer relationship with them. But you see, on my part, I was dissatisfied, on its part, the organization lost a customer. This prompted me to start looking for ways to help organizations as well as customers solve this double-sided problem. That gave birth to Feedbackplus.

  • What does a customer gain after getting the app or after using the application? Take us through the steps of what you do?

With Feedbackplus, you can report your issue and lodge your complaint, anywhere, anytime, and free of charge, with the assurance that the issue is getting to the specified organization. But then, it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It removes the age long barriers preventing customers from conveniently reaching products/services providers, but that is not yet the solution to customers’ real issues – which can only be provided by the various organizations. There are two legs to solving each customer’s issues: reporting and resolution. Feedbackplus solves the problem of the first leg, and organizations must accept responsibility for the second. That is the reason why on the platform we ONLY register organizations that truly value their customers and accordingly commit to handling the issues reported via the platform. For all customers, it is free to download, it is free to use.

  • Will you do the follow up if the company is not meeting the demands of the client?

The system automatically triggers alert to designated employees once any issue is reported, and at predefined intervals, send reminders to the same employees together with an escalation to the employee’s supervisor if the issue remains unattended to. The system also has a dashboard where managers can monitor the status of all issues reported and handled. Thus, at the end the day, they can check number or percentage of issues reported, that received attention, that was 25% or 75% Resolved,  that was awaiting resolution confirmation from customers, that was 100% resolved (that was resolved with customers confirmations), or that was closed. So, with an organization’s commitment before being registered, the automatic alerts, and the dashboard for monitoring current situation at any point in time, up to supervisors, managers, and even CEO levels, we have put in place a system that makes follow up, escalation and monitoring a part of the customer feedback management for any organization which uses it.

  • Which companies are you working with?

We are working with seven organization including; Market Source, World Market, aaronbrothers, Cantina Laredo, El Chico Café, Silverleaf Resort and Plains Capital bank. Who have given positive feedback on our services.

  • Who is your target client, in terms of business?

Any organization which provides products or services to customers in the mass market, as well as any customer that can use mobile phone to type or speak, in any African country.

  • Which countries are you working with? And do you have any expansion plans?

We are currently working in Nigeria, and hope to grow into other African countries before long.

  • Give us some of your success stories?

It was one of the hardest things, ever, to use my meager, personal resources to build a business from scratch; especially a business like ours, whose product or solution cannot be seen or touched. Every door I knocked seemed to be made of steel and rock put together. We sold the family car and did even worse things, because we believed in a dream whose full details, no matter how much and how many times you explain it, can only be known to the dreamer. But, today, it is beginning to look like dreams do come true, if, after seeing the invisible dream, you can have faith in the Invisible God, and go to work with zero desire for immediate, visible gratification

  • Challenges of the business?

While we are eager for growth, we are patient for the resources. We desire to hit the ground in Nigeria and start running, and from the runway, fly to some exciting African nations like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and the likes, bringing our solutions to their customers and organizations. But the resources to get these done are yet huge challenges to the business.

  • Parting shot? Or anything you feel we should know about?

Every customer is important. Every customer deserves the best. So we have made feedbackplus for every important customer to have the best channel of communication with any organization who wishes to treat them so.

  • On what platform(s) can the customer download on?
Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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