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Kenya Airways fires pilots between ages of 62 & 65

by Sam Wakoba
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kayOld is no longer gold as Kenya Airways fires ten pilots from its crew even as it promises to work the Kenya Airline Local Pilots Association (KALPA).

The airline says there might be possible fall out following issuance of early retirement notices to 10 of its pilots even though the 10 pilots were all set to retire in the near term.

The firm says the notice letters were issued as part of the reduction in the B777-200 fleet in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed between KALPA and Kenya Airways. The senior pilots, all between ages of 62 and 65 have been employed by the airline for several decades and are expected to retire with full benefits. but we think they will also need counselling after the firms suddenr decision.

Even if the firm had to retain them, the pilots wouldn’t have much to do as it had announced the decision to sell off its B777 -200 fleet in November last year and keeping the newer B777-300 fleet.

“Kenya Airways remains keen finding a speedy resolution on this matter and will continue to nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with the union,” Kenya Airways said in a statement.


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