Breaking: Quartz is launching in Africa this June


quartzWe have know and followed Quartz for some few years but we didn’t why we loved them apart from the excellent glossy-like design great journalism and yes, the news but it wasn’t anything concerning us.

Today, the Atlantic Media-owned firm said it’s launching in Africa this June.

Quartz,will launch Quartz Africa this June with region-specific content and targeted native ads. Quartz, with founding partner GE, plans to provide both global and Africa-specific business news coverage to readers of the Quartz Africa site.”

QZ, as is popularly known said it aims to serve the over 100,000 monthly unique users from Africa and this desicion was made after its successful launch in June 2014 of Quartz India which is reaching more than 1.3 million readers monthly.

“The rise of the African consumer economy is one of the biggest, and most under-covered, stories that are critical for business readers. By 2020, seven of the world’s top 10 fastest growing economies will be in sub-Saharan Africa. The continent already has more mobile subscribers than the US or the EU,” QZ said.

QZ Africa will be run by Yinka Adegoke as its Africa editor and will hire journalists, freelancers, and contributors from across the continent. QZ Africa will be available via or

Launched in 2012, Quartz covers global business topics and will be strategic to GE which isng huge business in Africa in innovations, technology, and skills training.

Just recently, Cosmopolitan announced it would be launching its first online-only editions in Africa and began with Cosmopolitan Nigeria last December. It’s expanding to Ghana, Kenya and Botswana and then slowly across the continent. This is both good news and bad news for new media entrepreneurs as it gives them hope and as well much is required of them to up their standards.

“As a global business publication, we have an editorial imperative to cover the most interesting and important developments in the global economy,” says Jay Lauf, Quartz co-president and publisher said in a statement adding that as a digital and mobile-first publication, Quartz has great commercial potential in Africa.