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Passport application goes online in Kenya

by Susan Mwenesi
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KENYAN PASSPORTLong queues that characterize passport application at the Immigration Department in Kenya will soon be a thing of the past as by 15 April passport application will be done online.

In a tweet, the Immigration department said application forms otherwise known as Form 19 will now be found on from where the applications will be made.

A new edition for Forms is now available. All previous versions will be rejected. check them here; here;

Similarly, applicants have been directed to the same site to ensure that their application is not rejected.

“Effective Next month, we will ONLY accept online passport applications,” read the tweet from Immigration.

Along with the long queues is the elimination of brokers from the premises but some argue that the said brokers will only move to cyber cafes to look for people they can help fill the forms for a fee or gullible Kenyans who part with money to them in the hope they can influence the speedy production of the passports.

Most Kenyans have so far welcomed the move terming it convenient.

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