Ringier’s Ady.ng wants to be Nigeria’s biggest marketplace with a difference


adyJust days after we broke the news of OLX-TradeStable’s merger, Ringiers’ Ady.ng (formerly Kiramu) sems to be gearing up for the coveted number two position in the Nigerian onlne market to serve the country’s 170m+ people.

Speaking in a statement Christopher Bjergmose Head of Digital Classifieds Ringier Nigeria said, ” We at Ady we have been asked by representatives of the press what we think of OLX’s acquisition of Tradestable – just leaving Ady and OLX as the two big ads marketplaces to choose from for Nigerians,” he said adding, “Well, we really saw Tradestable as a site that focused on quality and genuine ads – which is really the hallmark of Ady and what we continue to concentrate on.”

Apart form the concentration on genuine quality ads, Bjergmose added that Ady is different on various fronts.

Bjergmose went ahead to list free Business Pages for small merchants as the top unique offering. Free Dating Profiles for singles in Nigeria which OLX shuns upon and a place for everything – from Products to Services. Yes, just anything as true as true as any classifieds platform.

Bjergmose also added that Ady.ng is a Safe and Personal online marketplaceas it puts a lot of effort into ensuring the safety of  its users by checking every single ad on the platform.

Earlier, Bjergmose told TechMoran that Kiramu was launched to test the Nigerian market and was just a learning process.

“The name Ady is a matter of taste and was chosen after the firm found that many people had difficulties spelling Kiramu and wanted to introduce a simpler name which was chosen based on rigorous testing. As described we are a classic classified platform but we also want to make an effort to constantly adapt to the Nigerian market and what works in Nigeria,” he said.

Ady was launched to target the small merchants in Nigeria who sell imported new or slightly used products from Europe or the US, especially cars and electronics. These merchants are not big players, Ady aims to provide them a platform to sell their products without a fee.

“Ady is basically an online reflection of offline Nigerian markets and is for both small merchants and individuals who might not have the same online sales channels as larger retailers.

He added that there was room for Ady in Nigeria as the firm’s main aim is to reign in on fraud and aim at having the most quality listings in the market than its competitors. Now that it has one huge competitor, we shall see what Ady.ng does.