Kenya’s Petpal is an ‘Amazon’ for Dog Food


561503_389451781151867_120926042_nThousands of Nairobians love pets. And cats and dogs and rabbits are the majority. Petpal, is an online store founded and run by Modern Ways Ltd  that aims to be a on-stop shot for pet products from pet food to pest control and animal care.

The site says it’s serving customers in Nairobi and beyond and stocks popular UK petfood brand Wagg and a number of several other pet brands.

Apart from Pet food, the store also stocks products related to pets such as pet odour deodorisers and rodent control products among others.

The store works simply. Users buy products online, pays online via credit cards then Petpal sorts the delivery to the buyers doorstep. This will help families focus on their own shopping everytime they visit a supermaket than loading bulky pet food in their trollies.

Petpal says it serves both domestic customers and security company dog sections and farms across the country with the international Wagg brand.

“Many of us have pets that are part of the family.  They may dig up the plants and chew the wrong shoes but we want the best for them as you do,” says the team on their website.

Petpal promises not to recommend products on their site that they have not rigorously vetted and used to assure buyes of quality and safety for their pets.