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Zambian radio station blacks out SA music in protest of Xenophonbic attacks


Xenophobic attacks are not new to South Africa; seven years ago the country’s capital city Johannesburg witnessed attack that left dozens dead in their wake later spreading to the city of Capetown with most victims being Zimbabweans.

The country is at it again and last week about 6 people were reported dead at the hand of machete-wielding locals mostly Zulus, businesses were looted and set ablaze in major cities like Durban spreading to other cities such as Johannesburg while about 3500 terrified immigrants are hiding at police stations and stadiums.

Some reports trace the origin of the violence from remarks made by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini who at a recent gathering said foreigners “should pack their bags and go” because they are taking jobs from citizens; shortly after violence started. The king has since denied making the comments with his oofie saying that journalists misquoted him.

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A United Nations report however said that the attacks started in March after a labor dispute between citizens and communities.

Understandably the situation has affected the rest of Africa with the attackes being termed as Shocking, horrific and lately Zimbabwes President Robert Mugabe termed could not hide his disgust.

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A Zambian radio station has however taken a step forward in protest of the attack and has now blacked out SA music for an unspecified period.

“Considering it is not the first time that foreign nationals are being targeted, in xenophobic attacks in South Africa there is need to send a clear message to South Africans that violence on fellow Africans negates African unity which the forefathers of the continent fought for,” said the station in a statement.

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QFM Zambia is the biggest radio station in Zambia with both local and international following from their internet streaming and satellite platforms.

The blackout started on 17th April and QFM is now calling on the SA government to do what it can to arrest the situation as SA businesses also start to feel the heat in other African countries.


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