Safaricom revises Karibu tariff, subscribers to lose accumulated airtime, data  


A section of Safaricom subscribers are an angry lot today if the sentiments on social media are anything to go by; the bone of contention is the revision of the Karibu tariff which will no longer have unlimited accumulation of airtime and data that was popular among post paid customers.

With the new changes, customers on  Sh1,000 and Sh2,500 post-paid plans will lose their unspent bundles that they have managed to accumulate ever since the product was launched.

Subcribers who choose the Karibu tariff  have the option of  paying Sh1,000 per month where they get  900 minutes talk time for on-net calls, 100 minutes for off-net calls, 100 megabytes of data and 100 on-net SMSes or they could go for the Sh2,500 per month package where subscribers get 2,200 minutes for Safaricom-to-Safaricom calls, 300 minutes to rival networks, 250 megabytes of data and 250 on-net text messages.

 All these is set to change in less than a month as the telecom gave a notice to its customers and said: “The changes mean that all subscribers on the (Karibu) PostPay 1000 and PostPay 2500 bundles will be expected to have used all their existing resources (minutes, SMS and data) before they expire and become unavailable on May 26, 2015,” the telecom operator said in a notice to its subscribers.

 “After that date, the subscribers will continue to enjoy the existing Karibu PostPay bundles and will receive the same amount of minutes, SMS and data which will be renewed on a monthly basis, with any unused resources automatically expiring after 30 days,” read another part.

The monthly charges for the tariff, text message credits, call times and data bundles  however remain the same.

Initially, the telco had considered terminating the  tariff altogether but they opted to keep it and give their subscribers new terms.

Here are some reactions to the changes:

A lot of times Safaricom takes its clients for granted; like a bad husband, u love him & accustomed to his ways, but know u need to divorce

Lakini Safaricom, how do you expect me to exhaust over 5000MB of data before tomorrow? Whoever sent that text must have sent it laughing

Consumers Fedn Kenya retweeted Wallalo!

Awaiting more details. We don’t accept their decision in the interim.