Ringier’s Pigiame launches marketplace for retailers


Retail Section ImageKenya’s second largest online marketplace, PigiaMe, has launched a retail section in a move to help SME’s establish a strong online presence and reach its over 140,000 monthly users.

Unlike most classifieds which allow their users to only list single objects, PigiaMe will see them list their company name, logo and business profile as well as their products and their physical location plus free top marketing channel for them.

PigiaMe’s Head of Marketing Cedric Nzomo said,“We are giving business people the opportunity to create their digital presence and reach hundreds of thousands of new customers for free. We have gone a step further and made the process to sell online and represent their businesses even easier for them. Buyers can now see a merchant’s entire portfolio and get in touch with them easily.”

PigiaMe says over 300 businesses have already registered on the retail section since it’s pilot launch late last year to give them shopfronts to sell goods or services freely.

Mr Nzomo also added that the storefronts will see the SMEs analyze their portfolios and customer behavior via analytics and insights to see how many people looked at their profiles and goods and got in touch with them and also know which goods and services received the most views so as to know which products the business should stock up on.

Individual listings on PigiaMe will still be available. This new storefront only has improved the quality and relevance of listings on the platform the firm says.

PigiaMe also has a bi-monthly offline magazine which it gives to its readers for free and helps give businesses more visibility.