Thursday, August 11, 2022
Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Motor cycle assemblers launch association to champion their rights

by Susan Mwenesi
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The motorcycle industry continues to be one of the promising sectors, with a huge contribution to the country’s economy. Last year alone, the industry contributed over Sh.2.2 billion in form of direct taxes only. Through its assembly plants and distribution network, the industry also continues to offer employment opportunities to over 100,000 Kenyans as per its planned road map.

Twenty one Motorcycles companies have partnered to launch the Motorcycle Assemblers Association of Kenya Limited (MAAK) that will serve as a collective voice of its members, safeguard justified rights of motorcycle Assemblers, promote safe and lawful Motorcycle Culture in Kenya and play its part in economic development of Kenya through increased Employment and Revenue generation.

MAAK aims to provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas in which interested motorcycle Manufacturers and Exporters may identify, discuss and pursue common interests related to their commercial activities in the country.
The Assemblers’ Association will also offer guidance to members on various government policies with respect to business, banking, taxation, record keeping, and technical aspects of their products especially maintaining and improving the quality in line with economy so as to meet the competition and keep up with international standard requirements.
Dr. Isaac Kalua who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Association noted that MAAK is looking to use Kenya as the launching pad for its business growth into the regional common market, reaffirming Nairobi’s position as East Africa’s economic hub.
“Motorcycle Assemblers Association of Kenya will offer an excellent opportunity for the Kenya’s Motorcycle Industry to market their products in Kenya, develop effective coordination among its members in order to achieve high standard of cooperation in technical, management and other relevant matters pertaining to their business and will engage with Government agencies especially with NTSA to create awareness on safety among the motorcycle user” said Dr. Kalua.

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