Survey shows Nigerians are willing to buy fuel online


Even as the latest fuel scarcity that almost paralyzed the Nigerian economy wears off, a large proportion of citizens have expressed their interest in purchasing fuel online.

A survey conducted by online marketplace Kaymu Nigeria has revealed that 73% of Nigerians are willing to buy fuel online. This was revealed by Tomiwa Oladele, head of Public Relations, Kaymu Nigeria.

She said: “For an online shopping community like Kaymu where buyers and sellers meet to conduct business transactions, the fuel scarcity impacted on us and our customers in a different way.

“We noticed increased inquiries from members in our social media community as to whether we had fuel for sale”.

She said that the company carried out a survey asking Nigerians whether they will buy fuel online if it wasn’t against the law.

She said, “We found 73% of respondents stating their readiness to purchase fuel online. This goes to show Nigerian’s frustration at the scarcity of fuel and their increased reception to online shopping and the lease of life it provides.”