Uwakili – an online legal advisor is set to minimize legal risks and costs


From sunrise to sunset, her mind is on her kibanda which sits besides a busy highway. Few people notice her because of her silent nature which is always termed as an individualistic or quirky trait; but she’s always busy taking care of her customers who love her well measured sukuma wiki cuts. Every time she talks with a customer, her face is always filled with a beautiful plastic smile because that’s the only PR she can pull.

Although, behind this lady’s jovial face, there’s a story. Stories that cannot be shared with the public since her name will be tarnished. The fresh scars on her face can produce a one hour monologue – if only eyes could talk, her stories would be the talk of the village.

After Techmoran did a random interview, the lady was hesitant to reveal her opinion about a legal based tech solution, Uwakili. Anyway, after a few minutes she was willing to murmur her ideas to us; with shaky voice she commented, “I believe the website will help many people in our village who go through family, land and other business conflicts. But I don’t think it will be beneficial to me since I have a Kaduda and I rarely visit the internet.”

She continued by narrating how her family is clouded by domestic violence and why it’s hard to approach a lawyer, let alone file a complaint. In addition, she added how it’s hard for her to come up with binding contracts. “My suppliers always revoke the contracts we write…their actions always inconvenience my small business.” Ann Wambui, the mama mboga explained.

Essentially, the country’s legal system is complicated to a common Kenyan. One needs to follow a long procedure before building a case or securing a day in court. Now, the sukuma wiki lady doesn’t know the proceedings for the dissolution of a civil or customary marriage. She has to pay a lawyer or suffer in silence.

However, the lady can sort herself out if she decides to visit Uwakili. The platform allows you to create and sign legal documents.

“We want Uwakili to reduce the bulk and complications Kenyans face. The platform has the capability of allowing people to access and sign legal documents. We also have a group of advocates who are ready to offer legal services…

It will reach a point where Kenyans will start drafting their own plaints and submissions because they will have an easy access to information, and Uwakili is here to make that happen…basically Uwakili works as a legal advisor.” Angela Wanjohi, the founder of Uwakili said.