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Innovative app takes on order management and payment pains in Nigerian restaurants

by Paul Adepoju
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An innovative app called EasyPOS Restaurant has been introduced into the Nigerian market to solve current pain-points in order management and payments in restaurants. The app is now available for free download on Google Play Store by clicking here.


The app which runs on smartphones and tablets provides an easy and intuitive way for customers to select orders from an electronic menu list at a table or plate level; it also provides a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that works seamlessly at the table for collection.

The solution which was developed by Nigerian growth tech company NetPlusDotCom, also provides a backend tool for management and owners of the business to track sales and do easy reconciliation of sales on a daily or periodic basis.


EasyPOS Restaurant is user-friendly and easy to use for the waiters and customers. It improves dining experience by allowing more interaction between the wait staff and their customers. By seeing a picture representation of what they are trying to order, customers are able to participate in their dinning experience.


The app also facilitates easy tracking of order amount, allows easy payment collection using both cash and card options. It eases cash collection, counting and deposit into restaurant’s bank account. The complete solution can be brought to the table and payments are made right at the table thus reducing time spent by customers in the restaurants.


Wole Faroun, Chief Executive Officer of NetPlusDotCom said: “This is part of our overall strategy to drive the adoption of our Mobile Point of Sale Solution. On one hand, this follows our philosophy that e-commerce doesn’t have to be online only, it happens wherever a merchant can use electronic means to serve and checkout a customer. On the other hand, the app helps merchants to improve quality of service, reduce wait time, provide menu in attractive graphic form and help with bill reconciliation and checkout right at the table. When you sum this together, you arrive at cost reduction, customer retention and maximized profit for the restaurant or bar.”


Like nearly all technology solutions today, POS systems are being transformed by the mobility revolution: a new generation of mobile POS systems (mPOS) are being implemented on tablets and other portable devices. With EasyPOS Restaurant, waiters in Nigerian restaurants can now record menu selections electronically at tableside.

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