Getting Smart for the Rio- Olympics with LG.


Everyone’s attention is on the Olympics for a summer full of exciting global sports even as Organizers expect more than a billion people worldwide to watch the event on television, while tens of thousands will watch the show live at the Olympic Stadium in Rio, Brazil.

For the fans, expectations are high with majority anticipating records to be broken and new heroes identified with track athletics taking the lead as the most competitive sport during the Olympic.

On the back of LGs technological initiatives in sporting world, sport enthusiasts and especially the athletes are expected to leap big with their focus being going for the gold, thanks to LG top of the line technology that has made training for elite athletes more effective.

Training has always been the primary factor in determining the success of the athlete, and todays athlete are fully reliant on the latest technology to train more effectively than ever before.

Already LG has dedicated to bringing the latest technology to athletes smart training by creating extraordinary and differentiated technological experiences that reflect sport men and women vision of excellence and possibility.

LG watch urbane 2nd Edition with its activity tracking features has played a primary role in making every minute of training for athletes count. This has seen them compile information of the minutest aspects of their performance as most of them get ready for The Rio 2016 Olympics, The LG watch urbane 2nd Edition has well in advance prepared the athletes to go for the Gold by helping them get data of their performance which has helped build more effective workout routine that allow each of them to reach their physical reach.

The data driven insights of wearable technology for athletes has enabled them to surpass world records set by their predecessors mainly because the technology allows them to train smarter instead of harder adding intrinsic value to it.

With LG devotion to creating products that provide innovation for a better life, the innovation around sports technology continues to have an impact in both sports performance and wider health contexts with a greater level of accuracy in data than had previously been possible.